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29 days ago

Logos version 25


  • Reverse Interlinears
    • Added new means of indicating availability of reverse interlinears for applicable resources.
  • Search
    • Print functionality has been added to Bible Search.
  • Sermons
    • Updated font coloring for edited scripture text in Sermon builder.
    • Added the following fields to the info panel for Sermon Manager and Sermon Builder:
      • Number in Series
      • Tags
      • Target Duration
      • File Links
  • Bug Fixes
    • Links in the about panel link to the correct storefront based on the language set in the application.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the theme and splash screen to reuse the status of the last user when switching between accounts.
    • Resolved a bug that caused some collections to not be properly saved when running a morph search.
    • Resolved a bug that caused an extensive list of resources to show up in a person lookup from the context menu. Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused Delete and Duplicate to be too close to each other in Document context menus.
    • Resolved a bug that resulted in bad data being displayed in Word By Word guides. Thread & Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused an unnecessary letter “E” to appear in the rows when setting prioritization limits in the Library.
    • Resolved a bug that caused footnote text to not paste in when copying and pasting into Notes. Thread.
    • Resolved a crash that occurred when generating and clicking HTML links in Notes. Thread.
    • Improved wording for error message that occurs when a Clause Search is unavailable. Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused footnotes to be included in search results when only a partial match was present.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the autocomplete menu for Factbook Tags search to display items that don’t return results for Factbook.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the morph picker to not work in Bible inline search.
    • Resolved a bug that caused Document results to incorrectly appear under canvas when filtering by document type. Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that kept search templates from executing when hitting the enter key.
    • Resolved a bug that kept illustrated search results from appearing in the right-hand column.
    • Resolved a bug that caused crossref:passagelist:=”Passage List” to ignore the match equals. Thread
    • Resolved a bug that caused Sermon builder to show a blank screen when dragging and dropping images from the Media Tool. Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the RVI banner to flash when opened.
    • Resolved a bug that caused duplicate RVI purchase banners to appear.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the incorrect resource to appear in the banner when a reverse interlinear is available to purchase.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the purchase banner to not appear when a reverse interlinear license was not owned.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the RVI button to appear on cloud resource previews.
    • And more.


  • Android & iOS
    • We’ve refreshed Saved Layouts, making it easier to create and manage your layouts (Feedback Request).
    • We added a button to close all open tabs (Feedback Request).
    • We’ve disabled the default swipe-to-highlight behavior. You can still enable this setting from resource settings.
  • iOS
    • Improved the error message when attempting to register with an email address of an existing account.
    • Fixed an issue in translation cards when selecting a single word, where the translated word wasn’t displayed
    • Fixed a crash when saving layouts
    • Fixed an issue where adding a verse to a passage list would open multiple verse pickers
    • Fixed an issue that prevented “Change Resource” to switch between different documents of the same kind (i.e. between two different passage lists)
    • Fixed an issue where navigating in Text Comparison would scroll to a different verse
    • Fixed an issue for some users where the notes visual filter might not stay enabled
    • Fixed a regression that removed the ability to delete a highlight when selected
    • Fixed an issue truncating text in Text Comparison
    • Fixed an issue showing the selection menu in Faithlife Study Bible popup articles and tabular data
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the text selection menu to sometimes not appear
  • Android
    • The loading time of Search Kinds has been improved.
    • Fixed an issue where changing a resource kept the Bible reference
    • Fixed an issue where the resource margin updated on tablets when the number of columns changed
    • Fixed an issue where the animation was lost when opening a new worksheet
    • Fixed an issue when sharing to Twitter


  • Quick Action Buttons
    • Added one-click buttons to open your top commentary, study bible, bible dictionary, devotional, and Text Comparison tool.
  • Search
    • Added a basic collection picker that has three ways of filtering your search to a specific set of books.
Logos Desktop
2 months ago

Logos version 24

Logos version 24
  • Favorites
    • Website title will appear as the name for URL Favorites.
    • Count is displayed for number of items that will open when “Open All” is selected from the menu.
    • Updated cursor preview for drag and drop actions.
    • All subfolders will be opened when a folder is dragged and dropped outside of the Favorites panel.
  • Search
    • Morph Picker selections appear in alphabetical order.
    • Morph Picker popup triggers in Bible Search kind when typing ‘@’ or the prefix for a morph data type reference.
    • Improvements to speed of milestone searches across large libraries.
    • Improvements to speed of reference range searches.
    • Improvements to speed of milestone searches with reference supersets.
  • Sermons
    • Updated styling for Media Tool buttons.
    • Improvements to applying custom backgrounds to slides.
    • Content is preserved when editing slide backgrounds.
  • UI/UX Changes
    • Updated wording for features section in the About panel.
  • Windows-only
    • Added IME support on Windows for resource panel, workflow panel, and various additional areas where IME was previously unsupported.
  • Many Bug Fixes
    • Resolved a bug that caused BibTex citation style to incorrectly import into Zotero.
    • Resolved a bug that caused areas of Clippings documents to be unlocalized.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the ALT+D/OPT+CMD+L keyboard shortcut to not open the command box. Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the loading indicator to be missing from the Factbook Tags section in the Factbook panel.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the Factbook tag tooltip to show duplicate results for Dataset and user-generated tags.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the Add Factbook Tags option to appear in the context menu for Personal Books.
    • Resolved a bug that caused deleted Factbook tags to still show up in the Factbook Tags section. Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the Undo popup to cut off at certain panel widths.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the website icon to be lost when adding URL Favorites. Thread.
    • Improved loading times for Favorites icons.
    • Resolved a bug that caused certain color names in the highlight tool to be unlocalized.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the Church History Ontology dataset to appear in Add to Library.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the note indicator to show at the start of a chapter when a note was added to a specific verse. Thread, Thread, & Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused the note indicator to show at the start of a chapter when a note was added to a specific verse in Bibles.
    • Resolved a bug that resulted in trailing punctuation causing autocomplete to generate invalid queries.
    • Resolved a bug that caused previously deleted resources to not index when redownloaded. Thread.
    • Resolved a bug that caused an infinite loading bar in grouped view when viewing results for a book that is currently being indexed.
    • Resolved a bug that caused field.root: queries to lose localization when selected from the autocomplete menu.
    • Resolved a bug that caused a syncing error when saving a search from a passage guide connected to a large collection.
    • Resolved a bug that caused menus to disappear when attempting to interact via touch.
    • And more.

  • Android & iOS
    • Extended support for Factbook cards with additional card types and Factbook tags.
  • Many Bug Fixes
    • Resolved an issue where invoking a Bible Word Study from a Word Info card opened the wrong lemma
    • Resolved a bug that would prevent starting a reading plan from within a resource
    • Resolved an issue where the reference box was not being updated correctly
    • Resolved an issue when minimizing or switching apps caused changes in the location within a book
    • Resolved an issue with opening the wrong panel
    • Resolved a crash when search panels were being reused
    • Resolved a crash when viewing some note anchors
    • Resolved unlocalized text
    • Resolved Text Comparison not working with Top Bibles
    • And more.

Logos Desktop
4 months ago

Logos version 23

  • Factbook
    • Improved quality of Key Article Sections for author pages.
    • Increased number of resources that return results for the Key Article section.
  • Notes
    • Added support for Shift+Enter within a list.
  • Search
    • Improvements to parsing queries with large numbers of terms.
    • Added support for exact matching with passagelist keywords.
    • Added support for stacking textual field keywords with passagelist keywords.
    • Terms that follow match in the match.xyz: search query will be checked for typos.
  • Splash Screens
    • Application build month and year have been added to the Splash Screen.
  • UI Changes
    • Sermons
      • Renamed “Publish” button to “Export”.
    • Panel tabs
      • Dragging multiple panels now shows a count. (Shift+click to select and drag a full stack of panel tabs.)
    • Favorites
      • Updated styling for multi-item drag preview.
    • Many Bug Fixes
      • Audio resource crash
      • Crash when pasting rich text into a note.
      • Crash when copying the URL for a Book Search when all result sections were collapsed.
      • The indexer caused the latter half of multi word search hits to be treated as separate hit counts when searching for lemmas in translations with reverse interlinears.
      • Non-Greek text in Greek resources were not translatable.
      • Duplicate Factbook Tags to appearing in the context menu
      • And many more fixes!

  • Android & iOS
    • Ability to add Print Books to your Print Library by manually enter the ISBN and by adding in your Library
Logos Desktop
5 months ago

Logos version 22

  • Search Improvements
    • Bible results in Passage View can now be exported to a spreadsheet.
    • New Search panels initialize to last used search settings
    • Updated search result groups to infinitely scroll.
    • Added new ways to group results in books search
    • Added Print Library and Cloud resources to the collections picker in Books Search.
    • Print/Export is now available in Bible and Morph searches
  • Favorites
    • Added an option to undo a deleted item.
    • Added the ability to create duplicate Favorites.
    • Added the ability to create a copy of a Favorites item from dragging and dropping while holding the Control key on Windows or Options key on Mac.
  • Splash Screen
    • Updated splash screens to reflect the owned feature set and program version number.
  • Version number
    • Updated the application versioning scheme. Thread.
  • UI Improvements
    • Renamed “Local Books” to “Downloaded Books” in collection picker.
    • Renamed “All Resources” to “All Books” in Morph Search.
    • Improvements to drop shadow styling in the Windows application.

  • Android & iOS
    • Performance improvements for reference detection.
  • iOS
    • VoiceOver now works in the selection menu.
  • Android
    • Report Typo feature has been added back into the selection menu
Logos Desktop
6 months ago

Logos 10.1


  • More Search Types: Several more search types have been added to the top of the search panel. The added search types are Factbook, Docs, Maps, Factbook Tags, and Bookstore.
  • Improved Autocomplete: We’ve made more than a dozen improvements to autocomplete to make it even easier to enter the search syntax you need. Autocomplete will now suggest:
    • Bible passages, after the bible: keyword
    • Highlighting styles after the highlight: keyword
    • Passage lists after the passageList: keyword
    • Speakers after the speaker: keyword
    • Addressees after the addressee: keyword
    • Label attributes after any label keyword (try sermon: or journalArticle:)
  • More Flexible Favorites: It’s now possible to add references to favorites. To add them, open the Favorites panel from the Tools menu, then click on the Add button. You’ll see all the references in your open panels listed at the bottom of that menu. Just click on one to add it as a Favorite.


  • Android & iOS
    • Auto Translation Cards: You can now automatically translate your books.
    • Print Library Book Search: View a preview of Print Library books with an “All” or “Books” search using the Search tool.
    • Favorites Button in Selection Menu: The Favorites button has been added to the actions row of the Selection Menu for non-Bible books.
  • Android
    • Discover Tab: Visit this tab for more info on book purchases.
  • iOS
    • Dictionary Cards: Double-tap to select a word and you will see the dictionary definition of that word in the Dictionary Card in the Selection Menu.
    • Canvas Image Export: You can now export your Canvas images.
    • Draw on Screen for iPhone
Logos Desktop
8 months ago

Logos 10.0

Here’s an overview of the new features in Logos 10. Not all features are available on every platform, but we’ve worked hard to deliver a consistent experience regardless of the platform you’re on, making it easier for you to continue your study no matter where you are and which device you have with you. Some features will be free for all users and some will be available in paid packages. Check out the feature comparison chart for a full breakdown. 
  • Advanced Timeline: A refreshed Timeline makes it simpler for you to focus on the events that matter most and see them in historical context.
  • Auto Translation: Instant translation opens a whole new world of resources.
  • Church History Themes: A combination of a new dataset and base package resources will help you to understand theology in its historical context. 
  • Factbook Tags: Artificial intelligence adds millions of tags to the books you already own. 
  • Favorites: A refreshed favorites tool makes it even easier to add and find the passages that are important to you.
  • Improved Speed: Native support for Apple Silicon gives a good performance increase across the board for everyone with an M1 processor. .NET 6 support gives everyone using Windows a good performance increase across the board.
  • Modern UI: A simpler, more customizable interface makes Logos more accessible to you, gives you more space, and makes common tasks more accessible.
  • Print Library Catalog: Bring the power of Logos to your print Library.
  • Questions and Answers: A new Questions and Answers dataset helps you locate answers to common - and not-so-common - questions about the Bible.
  • Popular Quotes: When writing sermons in Sermon Builder, you will be able to search for helpful quotations that can be inserted into the sermon.
  • Sermon Import: You can import existing sermons into Logos to then take advantage of Preaching Mode, automatic slide creation, and Sermon Manager planning and wider integration into Logos.
  • Simpler Search: A simpler search syntax and clearer UI makes searching quicker and more intuitive, opening up the power of Logos Search to everyone.
  • Logos logo button is now the "Go" box

Logos Desktop
over 2 years ago

Logos 9.0 Desktop

Introducing Logos 9.0 for desktop, which implements the following suggestions: