Update Ancient Literature documentation

Two years ago, Faithlife committed to this update https://community.logos.com/forums/t/175700.aspx ... all we are missing is the update. Brannan, Rick. Ancient Literature Documentation. Bellingham, WA: Faithlife, 2015. LLS:CIDBDOCANCLIT | 2016-09-21T22:48:46Z | CIDBDOCANCLIT.logos4 I was suspicious that this was not being maintained with regards to resources when we received a dataset update (DB:ANCIENT-LITERATURE | 2018-07-10T03:50:25Z | AncientLiterature.lbsanc) in July without a documentation update. Now I see it is not just a matter of covered resources. A new relationship type has been added but not documented i.e. Phrase. P.S. Is it intentional that the corpus list in the documentation and in the Guide are not in the same sequence? note: Old Testament Pseudepigrapha.

MJ Smith posted about 1 year ago



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