Transcripts Disappear in Courses Tool

On the desktop version of the Courses Tool, I regularly have the problem of disappearing transcripts. It really irritates me! A lot! I have seen them appear and disappear. For example, I was having an issue with the video play back for one of my courses, so I closed the Courses Tool and reopened it. Sure enough, the transcript had disappeared. I can close Logos entirely, and reopen it, and it will still not reappear. If I delete a course I started, and restarted it, sometimes the transcripts will return. But, then they will disappear again. It is really starting to tick me off!! And it happens for any course I start! So, in other words, it is actually the result of how many bugs are in the Courses Tool in the Desktop app, and nothing to do with user error.

Ben Sanders posted 11 months ago
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