Take Textual Searches to the Next Level

Perhaps the most valuable portion of the BWS tool is the "Textual Searches" section. 90% of the time I use the tool, this is what I'm using it for. The amount of lexical context it provides is astounding. A quick way to improve this facet of the tool would be to set the textual searches to auto-populate the English translations I already have in my library alongside the searches. For the LXX and Philo that's easy for me to do with the "Add Versions" tool. But the "Greek Classics" section is unwieldy because of the number of separate resources it pulls up on one search pane; it should be automated. Example: Today I ran a BWS on ἐπιμελέομαι in 1 Tim 3:5. My library returned "223 results in 220 verses" in the Greek Classics section. Awesome! That's going to give me tons of context for how the word is used. However, when I bring up that search, I can't quickly see the English translations I already own because i would have to switch the "Add Versions" tool again and again for each new resource as I scroll down. Solution: When the BWS tool's textual searches return search results from a collection of resources (e.g. the Loeb library) each resource should auto-populate an "added version" from its corresponding English translation if I have it in my library. Bonus: If I don't have it in translation, but Logos offers it... put a link there to the product page. You just might make an additional sale!

David Moser posted about 1 year ago



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