Revive liturgical ribbon

Note: I am not the person who suggested this first. Unfortunately, I have forgotten who did. Please bring back the "Home Page" ribbon on the left from Logos 7. The card format consistently forces one to take extra steps - especially when one is looking as a reference rather than wanting to read the resource. But bring it back as a Verbum tool that one can open in a narrow panel on the left and include in layouts. It should include at least the following elements - Lectionary(s) - display as in L7 - Saint(s) of the day - display as in L7 - Daily devotionals - by secular date, liturgical date, or numbered date Reading plans - Prayer lists (optional) - The Prayer lists I label as "optional" because I have had a theological beef with them for over a decade. If you enter anything in the "answer" area it closes the prayer off. My God has a tendency to give partial answers. We sorely need a workable prayer list AND a prayer tool that recognizes not all prayer is petition/intercession. - Mobile ed plans I omit because they are not tied to daily liturgical cycles in any way. As in L7, I would want clicking on an entry to open a layout and for that layout to be customizable. It would be useful for teachers and pastors to be able to select a date at the ribbon level, not just at the item level, so they can plan for future dates.

MJ Smith posted about 1 year ago



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