Remove Non-Functional Logo from Toolbar to save space for smaller screens

Logos has added several buttons to the toolbar over the last couple of releases (L8 and L9). This makes the toolbar increasingly cramped for smaller screens when we are displaying two apps on-screen at once. This also limits the user's ability to customize the toolbar as more and more fixed buttons are added. I very frequently have Chrome, Kindle, or a Word/PDF file open in a split-screen format with Logos side by side. As Logos continues to add new fixed buttons (something they should STOP doing by the way), it is pushing vital app functionality off the screen. Please REMOVE the decorative/non-functional logo from the toolbar to create more space for actual program functionality and customization. I can only change my scaling for Logos or Windows so much before I can no longer see things. Please leave us enough space to see program menus and our own shortcuts.

Kiyah posted 4 months ago



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