Make Toolbar Completely Customizable and User-Controlled

Long (or intermediate) term, I would like to see Faithlife make the Toolbar completely customizable and user-controlled. This should include moveable and removable buttons and menus, shortcut folders with drag/drop capability (the folders themselves should be movable/draggable as well), and prioritization of what disappears from the screen when the window reduces in size (e.g. half-screen view). People have a lot of different ideas about what to do with the toolbar to best support how they work. I would like for Faithlife to review all user feedback relating to the Toolbar and shortcut folders and create a holistic vision for how it should work (rather than just bolting things on ad hoc that we can't remove, which is the current method). Feedback site ideas related to the Toolbar:

Kiyah posted about 1 year ago



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