Enhance Cross Reference Guide

I am wondering.... since the Cross Reference Guide seems to already make the connection (while searching the whole book).... say cross referencing the whole book of Daniel... does it go verse by verse through Daniel? If it does... then it would seem to be a simple ordeal... just to print the verse that is cross referenced ...then the verses it found cross referenced too. Talk about a great tool that would be!!! Geeked Say I am studying Daniel chapter 3..... So I fire up Cross Reference.... type in Daniel 3.... and search.... Then I would have a listing in the results... something like this.... Daniel 3:1 -- Gen 11:2, 1Ki 12:28, Jer 16:20, Hos 2:8, Psa 96:5, Isa 41:24, Isa 46:6.... etc and etc. Daniel 3:2 -- Ezr 8:36, Est 1:1, Dan 2:48, Dan 3:3... etc and etc. Daniel 3:3 -- Mat 7:13, Rom 1:21, Rom 1:28, Rom 3:11 ... etc and etc. Etc and etc. Something like this would definitely enhance studies as it would save time in the process and make use of what (it seems) the program guide (Cross Reference Guide) already does.

xnman posted 5 months ago



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