Change tool tip behavior in interlinears

Problem in short: clicking on a word in an Interlinear (to activate the "Corresponding Word" visual filter) also activates explanatory tool tips, and the tool tip takes priority over the main interlinear panel, making it impossible to scroll with a mouse scroll-wheel or touchpad scroll function (scrolling is exactly what one wants to do after clicking on a word to look at Corresponding Word occurrences elsewhere, and using the manual scroll bar is clunky). Additionally, because almost every word in the Lexham Hebrew-English Interlinear Bible (LHI) has a tool tip, they become very intrusive -- once you click somewhere, the actual text is hidden by tool tips until you click somewhere else (which turns off the Corresponding Word highlighting!). Suggestion: make the tool tips in interlinears optional OR give users some other way to modify their behavior to (1) prevent them from interfering with click-activated visual filters and (2) prevent them from being intrusive (i.e., hide text). Ideally, this option would be present in "Interlinear Options" at the top of the interlinear panel. Details: First, note that the tool tips in question are not the parsing tool tips that appear at the bottom of the panel. The parsing tool tips can be turned on and off in Options. Second, note that these intrusive tool tips work basically the same as footnotes, but de/selecting "Show Footnotes on Page" for the panel does not change their behavior. Some of what's detailed here is illustrated at Additionally, explanatory tool tips show up even for elements of the interlinear that are hidden. For example, there might be a "+" in the English Literal Translation of a word, but that line is deselected in Interlinear Options. Nevertheless, hovering over the manuscript word activates the tool tip for "+", in spite of the fact that the user doesn't see a "+" in current view.

Josh and Amy Jensen posted 12 months ago



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