Add ability to sort Basic Search by Resource Prioritization

Add the ability for us to sort our search results in a Basic Search by resource in the order that we have *prioritized* our resources. This would (finally) extend the effects of Prioritization of resources into Basic Searches. Why would users want this? Resources we have prioritized are, in general, resources we are interested in. For example, if I do a Basic Search for "grace" in All Passages in All Resources with Type:"Systematic Theology", the results I'm most interested in are probably in the systematic theologies I've prioritized. (Note that, right now, "Ranked" sorts the results according to an algorithm that considers which result is most likely to be the one we are looking for, and "By Resource" sorts them by resources in alphabetical order by resource title, while "By Count" sorts according to the number of hits in each resource.)

SineNomine posted 12 months ago



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