Additional "Common Divisions" in Bible Browser, Bible Search (and Bible Book Explorer?)

[quote user="Bradley Grainger (Faithlife)"]Bible Browser shows the same "Common Divisions" as Bible Search. These come from the same source: the primary data type for the Bible, and the divisions it supports. While both probably could be enhanced with additional "common divisions", it's currently "working as designed".[/quote] In trying to verify Bradley's statement (something I rarely do because he is so reliable) I found the following: - In the Browser, I see Old Testament, New Testament, and Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical available as a heading but not a choice for Biblical text range. I think someone brought this up as a bug some time ago. - I do find a core of 20 ranges shared by the Browser and Bible Search - The Bible Browser has a category: Aramaic portions that I don't find in the Bible Search - A variety of other small discrepancies that are appropriately ignored. However, especially with the opening offered by the Aramaic portions of collections not based on book boundaries, I suggest that the following common divisions be added - in support of some of the newer data in Logos and as examples of other possible uses: -- Proto (or authentic) Isaiah -- Deutero-Isaiah -- Trito-Isaiah -- Q -- J source -- E source -- P source -- D source -- L source -- 5 discourses of Matthew -- Passion Narratives -- Holiness Code + Covenant Code + Deuteronomic Code Full books: -- Apocalyptic literature -- Prophet literature -- Novellas

MJ Smith posted about 1 year ago
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