A Women's Studies bundle

On the Suggestions forum, Bridget Jack Jeffries requested a Women's Studies bundle. Here are some of the resources already available in Logos that she'd like to see in such a bundle: https://www.logos.com/product/17699/feminist-interpretation-of-the-bible-and-the-hermeneutics-of-liberation https://www.logos.com/product/26933/feminist-companion-to-esther-judith-and-susanna https://www.logos.com/product/39611/jeroboams-wife-the-enduring-contributions-of-the-old-testaments-least-known-women https://www.logos.com/product/39662/paul-women-and-wives-marriage-and-womens-ministry-in-the-letters-of-paul https://www.logos.com/product/16101/womens-bible-commentary https://www.logos.com/product/200876/the-ivp-womens-bible-commentary-an-indispensable-resource-for-all-who-want-to-view-scripture-through-different-eyes https://www.logos.com/product/54407/essays-on-women-in-earliest-christianity https://www.logos.com/product/28151/women-of-the-reformed-church https://www.logos.com/product/1490/dictionary-of-women-in-church-history https://www.logos.com/product/175043/the-gospel-according-to-eve-a-history-of-womens-interpretation https://www.logos.com/product/162284/luthers-letters-to-women https://www.logos.com/product/37664/handbook-of-women-biblical-interpreters-a-historical-and-biographical-guide https://www.logos.com/product/182525/women-in-the-story-of-jesus-the-gospels-through-the-eyes-of-nineteenth-century-female-biblical-interpreters https://www.logos.com/product/186732/early-church-understandings-of-jesus-as-the-female-divine-the-scandal-of-the-scandal-of-particularity https://www.logos.com/product/145436/christian-women-in-the-patristic-world https://www.logos.com/product/5988/women-in-the-world-of-the-earliest-christians https://www.logos.com/product/168023/the-doctors-of-the-church-women https://www.logos.com/product/46706/gospel-women-studies-of-the-named-women-in-the-gospels https://www.logos.com/product/194918/women-in-the-mission-of-the-church-their-opportunities-and-obstacles-throughout-christian-history She adds: "The Logos Mobile Ed courses on Women in the Old Testament and New Testament would probably be a good addition to this hypothetical bundle as well." I added some more suggestions: The Concept of Woman, vol. 1: The Aristotelian Revolution The Concept of Woman, vol. 2: The Early Humanist Reformation, parts 1 & 2 The Concept of Woman, volume III: The Search for Communion of Persons 1500-2015 The Politics of Heaven: Women, Gender, and Empire in the Study of Paul His Testimonies, My Heritage: Women of Color on the Word of God (not very academic, but definitely primary voices that should be heard) Anchoritic Spirituality: Ancrene Wisse and Associated Works Are We Amused? Humour About Women In the Biblical World The Double Message: Patterns of Gender in Luke-Acts Eve: Accused or Acquitted?: An Analysis of Feminist Readings of the Creation Narrative Texts in Genesis 1–3 The Feminine Genius of Catholic Theology Feminist Interpretation of the Bible and the Hermeneutics of Liberation Fragmented Women: Feminist (Sub)versions of Biblical Narratives (Second Edition) Gender and Law in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East Gender, Tradition and Romans God Remembered Rachel: Women’s Stories in the Old Testament and Why They Matter Hannah's Desire, God's Design: Early Interpretations of the Story of Hannah A History of the Mishnaic Law of Women (5 vols.) The House of the Mother: The Social Roles of Maternal Kin in Biblical Hebrew Narrative and Poetry The Israelite Woman: Social Role and Literary Type in Biblical Narrative Jesus and Marginal Women: The Gospel of Matthew in Social-Scientific Perspective Jesus: Miriam’s Child, Sophia’s Prophet: Critical Issues in Feminist Christology Jewish Women Collection (4 vols.) Liberating Tradition: Women’s Identity and Vocation in Christian Perspective Margaret Ebner: Major Works Mothers of Promise: Women in the Book of Genesis Plotted, Shot, and Painted: Cultural Representations of Biblical Women Smooth Words: Women, Proverbs, and Performance in Biblical Wisdom Telling Queen Michal's Story: An Experiment in Comparative Interpretation Warrior, Dancer, Seductress, Queen: Women in Judges and Biblical Israel A Week in the Life of a Greco-Roman Woman "Who Will Lament Her?" The Feminine and the Fantastic in the Book of Nahum Wisdom's Feast: An Invitation to Feminist Interpretation of the Scriptures Wise, Strange and Holy: The Strange Woman and the Making of the Bible Woman in the Bible: An Overall View of All the Crucial Passages on Women’s Roles Womanist Midrash: A Reintroduction to the Women of the Torah and the Throne Woman’s Body and the Social Body in Hosea 1–2 Woman’s Place is in the House: Royal Women of Judah and their involvement in the House of David Women and Families (Jacob Neusner explores the complex roles of women in Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) Women in Ministry: Four Views (Spectrum Multiview Books) Women, Ideology and Violence: Critical Theory and the Construction of Gender in the Book of the Covenant and Deuteronomic Law Women’s Divination in Biblical Literature: Prophecy, Necromancy, and Other Arts of Knowledge See this forum thread for more information and links to the books I suggested: https://community.logos.com/forums/t/208019.aspx (Note: I had to excise some books from the list, because FeedBear wouldn't let me post the full thing; it said "Content contains bad words".)

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